Very High Threat – Environmental Weeds

Environmental weeds can be catergorised in terms of their potential impact. The higher a weeds potential for invasion into established bushland, the more it can negatively affect the ecology of an area, and the way that a particular weed can disperse or spread are key factors in determining how big a risk it poses. Some of these very high threat weeds are already occur in this district e.g. Blackberries, Blue Periwinkle and some Willow species and control of these weeds should be a priority when you are aiming to protect native bushland. It is also very important to be on the look out for new high threat weeds that may get introduced. Common ways this can happen is via them escaping from nearby gardens or spreading from green waste that has been illeagally dumped in the forest. High threat species to look out for include Fushchias, White Arum-lily, Spanish Heath, English Broom, Holly, English Ivy and Bluebell Creeper.

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