2 thoughts on “Gap between two pots

  1. do you get any birds feeding on dropped fruit here? Maybe they could be bringing in spores on their plumage or talons too? Ferns are in my opinion, the most beautiful of all plants (other than old growth trees). What a blessing to find these in your garden!! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your interest in this site and you comments, Ferns are certainly a fascinating group of plants that I think are often overlooked. Many re-vegetation projects baulk at trying to re-introduce ferns because it seems to difficult or expensive. Not much seems to be known about the importance of Ferns as habitat for fauna, although they are clearly a major component of the local vegetation. I get the impression that ferns are good at re-colonising sites once they have been re-vegetated and am very keen to see good examples of this occurring (If anyone has some examples please let us know). Certainly do get Rosellas and other birds feeding on fruit here, but I am assuming from what I read that the spores are likely to be blown in, another possibility is that they have been brought in with soil or pebbles that we have introduced to the garden. It certainly adds a new dimension to gardening, as I am trying to raise the Ferns that pop up as well as the vegetables.

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