Community Actions

Environmental Actions – Priorities for the community.

1. Protect remnant vegetation patches on private land. Fencing off access to stock, controlling weeds and other actions to protect habitat for species such us the Strzelecki Koala, Lace Monitor and Powerful Owl.

2. Weeds Community Education and Awareness – As landholders come and go in an area there is alway a ongoing need to keep people informed about the threats that weeds pose and the importance of keeping them under control.

2. Get involved in a local community group that is working to protect the local envrionment. e.g. Landcare, Friends of Tarra Bulga / Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve.

3. Fox Control – As well as preying on native species such as Bandicoots and Lyrebirds, Foxes impact on agriculture and domestic animals as well as spread weeds (especially Blackberries) in their scats. Opportunities for Landholders to work together with neighbouring land managers such as Parks Victoria and plantation companies should be pursued.

4. Link or expand patches of vegetation – With surrounding forestry and farming, bigger and better linked patches of native vegetation vegetation will support a richer diversity of species and allow easier movement of animals and other species. A major priority should be links to the Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve which is a significant patch of forest but is quite isolated by farmland to the north, east and west as well as Plantations and the Loy Yang Power Station to the North

Traralgon South Aerial View
Aerial View of Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve and Surrounds.

Other priorities for linkage include working with HVP (Hancock Victorian Plantations) to link areas of primary habitat for the Strzelecki Koala on land managed by them with areas on private property.

5. Improvements to facilities and protection of Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve. The friends of the park need to be supported in their efforts to ensure the whole area is permanently protected, initiatives to improve signage and the management of walking tracks should also be a priority.

6. Environmental Monitoring projects should be supported. This could include projects utilising photopoint monitoring or remote cameras details of both methods have been posted on this site. Friends of Tarra Bulga National Park have a program that may be of interest to other groups, see contacts for details.


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