Latrobe Catchment Biolinks Strategy

LCLN Biolinks Strategy – LR

Latrobe Biolinks Strategy Download
Latrobe Biolinks Strategy Download

The aim of this project is to improve ecological resilience across the region by encouraging landholders to improve the quantity, quality and connectivity of natural habitat on their own properties and within their local areas.

Our strategy uses a ‘bottom-up’ approach whereby the first and most important activity is to encourage landholders to take action on their own properties. From there, we will support people to work with their neighbours and others in their local community to link up these works across property boundaries to create biolinks for their local areas. As works at the property and local area scales accumulate, we hope that a biolink will emerge at the regional scale in the form of an increasingly dense and interconnected web of natural habitat interspersed amongst other land uses.

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