Local Species Plant Lists for Revegetation

When you are planting you should be intending that what you put in  (and their decsendents) will persist there for many years. There is a long list of sound reasons as to why attempting to re-create the original vegetation mix is the best strategy. e.g. long term survival of plantings, suitability for local wildlife, reduced risk of invasive plants. Therefore it is very important to carefully select the species for any project you do.

In our focus area it is highly likely that the orginal vegetation of your planting site would be one of three options. Extensive modelling has been done across the region and you can identify the orginal vegetation type (EVC) of your site online at sites such as http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/about-dse/interactive-maps or by other means such as contacting the Landcare Network or other agency. The following map shows a widescale overview of the original vegetation distribution.

Original Vegetation Types
Original Vegetation Types (EVCs) for the District

Once you have identified your EVC you can then download the following lists that have been developed from local species records, to help choose your species for re-vegetation.

Note that not all species listed are commercially available and/or not robust enough to be used in new plantings.  But have been included to provide more information about the original flora.

Lowland Forest Species List (pdf)

Damp Forest Species List (pdf)

Wet Forest Species List (pdf)




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