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Information day held for residents at Callignee Hall

On November 19th 2011 there was an Information day held for Traralgon South and District residents at Callignee Hall.

Feedback was sort on community priorities. A summary of peoples thoughts and observations are listed here:

Weeds of greatest concern in the area: Blackberries, Ragwort and English Broom,

Weeds that have emerged as problems since the fire: Inkweed, English and Cape Broom, Flatweed in pasture, Honeysuckle, Blackberries, Deadly Nightshade and Tussocks

Project Ideas / Community Education Needs

  • Weed identification course and weed management strategies.
  • Walkaround’s of select areas and peoples properties. 
  • Ifarm course to help people manage environmental issues on their properties.
  • Habitat link project for Strzlecki Koala and other wildlife.

Community with vegetation recovery since the bushfires:

  • Roadside verges are prolific in gums now to an imbalance of what was burnt.
  •  Trees have not come back, undergrowth especially bracken has tried to take over as understorey.

Public Education Awareness Needs:

  • Control of weeds and other introduced plant species.
  •  How to keep their dogs and cats under control and to their own properties
  •  Fox and Rabbit Control

Wildlife that people have seen re-appear since the fires:

  • Wombats (moving into new areas using dead tree stumps for burrows), Echidna’s, Koalas

Wildlife that has seemingly disappeared since the fires:

  • Small birds including Blue Wrens, Yellow Robins, Brush and Ring tailed possums, loss of Eagles Nest.

Issues with Pest Animals Since the fire:

  • Main Concern is with foxes reports of large number of them, Rabbits also an issue one person concerned about Wedge tailed eagles taking lambs.

Community Information Day
Community Information Day at Callignee Hall