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Funding Sources For Onground Works

If you have an environmental project in mind, there is often a number of ways to source funding in order to turn your idea into reality.

For individuals landholders the best way to source funding is to join your local landcare group (i.e. Traralgon South/ Callignee Landcare Group). The Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network offers grants of up to $5,000 for its group members as part of its Latrobe Catchment Biolinks Strategy. For further details contact the Network on 1300 094 262 or email to:meganh@wgcma.vic.gov.au

For community groups both the state and federal governments offer Grants for community groups for up to $50,000.  The Application period for both these grants have recently closed but they generally become available on an annual basis.

The local shires (Latrobe and Wellington) both also run Small Environmental Grant Schemes on a regular basis. Check their websites for further details.

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Blackberries re-shooting after fire.
Blackberries re-shooting after fire.

Blackberries are clearly one of the most heavily established weeds in this district and are a major issue for farms where they take over productive areas and provide a harbour for vermin. They are also a major environmental weed that can invade native bushland and reduce the quality of habitat for native fauna e.g. The Strzelecki Koala. The fires, by burning off the above ground blackberry shoots have temporarily improved access to areas and provided an opportunity for blackberry regrowth to be more easily treated. There are many resources available to provide information on the best techniques for Blackberry control one of the best being the Blackberry Control Manual it is available online via this link : http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/pests-weeds/weeds/publications/blackberry

The Central Gippsland Woody Weeds Action Group was formed in response to the opportunity to provide a community driven response to Blackberry control in the local area.