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Fireblight Beetle Larvae

In earlier posts we showed the massive impact that Fireblight Beetles have on the regrowth of some Wattle species following the 2009 fires. This included a massive dieback of Wattles which was most visible in spring followed by a recovery in Summer when the Beetles stopped being active. Well the cycle of dieback has started again and currently the Beetle Larvae are actively chomping away on the new Wattle growth. See this video below for vision of the Larvae in action and let this site know if you can find any activity in a forest near you. This video was taken in the Won Wron State Forest.

Feral Animals

Feral Cat - Remote Camera Photo
Feral Cat – Remote Camera Photo

As with most localities feral animal locally pose a threat to both the environment and agriculture. Cats and Foxes prey on birds and small reptiles and mammals, Rabbits cause erosion and damage pasture and native vegetation with their grazing. Indian mynas are aggressive birds and can displace native species from their habitat. Deer are an emerging issue and they can be very destructive, especially to wet gully areas.

Effective control is best done in an integrated and coordinated way. i.e. it is usually futile trying to destroy one pest if there is surrounding population that is not being controlled. Let everyone know what pest animals are concerning you by completing the poll below.