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Current Native Vegetation Cover – EVC Map

This map gives an indication of the current distribution of plant communities in the district. You can clearly see the large area of mainly Lowland Forest EVC in the north, this includes the Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve. As we head to higher altitudes the vegetation becomes dominated by Wet Forest with its overstorey of Mountain Ash. Some of the well protected gullies (e.g. in Tarra Bulga National Park) contain patches of Cool Temperate Rainforest.

Traralgon Sth EVC map
Traralgon Sth EVC map

Post Fire Wildflowers

Brunonia australis is a small groundcover herb which has attractive bright blue flowers. It is one species (amongst a number of others) which have taken advantage of reduced competition and increased sunlight to flower and produce lots of seed since the fire. It is found mainly in less fertile (sandy soils) in the Lowland Forest EVC.

Blue Pin Cushion - Brunonia australis
Blue Pin Cushion – Brunonia australis