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Wildlife Monitoring

One way people can contribute to our knowledge of the local environment is to monitor change and keep records of animal sightings. This could be in simple ways, for example keeping a monthly list of bird species that visit your property or other interesting wildlife sightings. Remote cameras are a new technology that can be placed out in the bush to help gain an insight into what the local wildlife populations are up to. The Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network have a couple of these cameras and they are available to loan to landholders within the fire affected area who would like to gain a better idea of what animals have survived or returned to their area. Contact 1300 094 262 for more information.

Wallaby caught on remote camera
Swamp Wallaby caught on remote camera


Welcome To This Site

This site has been established as part of a project to provide information and advice to landholders in the local communities of Traralgon South, Koornalla, Callignee, Le Roy and Balook. It aims to inform people of techniques and strategies for managing the natural environment with a particular focus on continuing the recovery from the Black Saturday Bushfires. We welcome input from the local community and are keen to get feedback in terms of what information you would find most helpful or any other contributions people can make. We would especially love to hear peoples ideas for community based environmental projects. This site is administered by staff from Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network and we can be contacted on 1300 094 262.

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