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Demonstration Site – Landslip

Landslip demonstration site
Landslip demonstration site – dead burnt trees and high rainfall have contributed to a significant soil erosion event.

As part of this community environmental action project we are setting up demonstation sites to highlight some best practice action that community members can make. This project example involves stabilising a significant Landslip, which occurred on an area of steep grazing land, the only woody vegetation on the site was some large wattle trees that were killed in the fires and have not regenerated.  The slip occurred after some heavy winter rain fell on the fire damage landscape and the mass movement of soil move the landholder’s boundary fence out of alignment and caused the temporary closure of the adjacent road. Plantings of 1200 carefully selected native species and fencing of the site to exclude stock are actions taken to rehabilitate the site and stop further slippage and mass movement of the soil.

Landslip after planting
Landslip after planting – this landslip also occured on similar volcanic red soil, close to the other site. The picture was taken soon after it was fenced and planted out.