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Victorian Blackberry Taskforce Roadshow

Big event coming up next Friday the 7th of February at the Boolarra Memorial Hall. The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce Roadshow is coming to town and is a great opportunity for landholders in the Latrobe Valley and surrounding areas to get the latest on Blackberry control along with other weeds. The day included guest speakers and demonstrators from Chemical Companies (Dow and DuPont), DEPI, Victorian Blackberry Taskforce and a presentation on Biological Control.

Blackberry Taskforce Roadshow

The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce Roadshow

Topics covered

  • Update on the Central Gippsland Woody Weeds Program- Achievements
  • Changes to legislation – Who is responsible for Roadside weed management?
  • The proposed new invasive species legislation – what is it all about?
  • Biological control  for Blackberry
  • Chemical Reps from Dow and DuPont on Blackberries control
  • New and Emerging weeds in the South Gippsland area.

Date: Friday 7th of February 2014

Where: Boolarra Memorial Hall

(Tarwin St – Boolarra)

Time : 9.30-2.00


Morning tea and Lunch provided


Fleabane – “I have never seen this weed before, but now it is everywhere!”

Many longtime landholders in the local district (not just in the areas that were burnt in 2009) have noticed the emergence of Fleabane (Conzya Sp.) as a dominant weed in areas, especially on roadsides and open areas. A common comment goes something along the lines of “I have never seen this weed before but now it is popping up everywhere” There are three species of this weed that are closely related. The most common one in this district seems to be Tall Fleabane – Conyza sumatrensis, which can grow up to 2m high. Unlike the closely related  Flax-leaf Fleabane – Conzya bonariensis, which has multiple branches from the base, it has one main stem from the base with branches containing flower heads at the top of the stem.

Fleabane like many weeds is most likely to take hold in areas where there is bare soil or disturbance and less competition from other plants. The best way to control it is to prevent it seeding, as well as trying to maintain a thick ground cover of more desirable species. This could be done by hand pulling or herbicide for larger infestations, Some sources say that one Fleabane plant can produce over 100,000 seeds. It is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family and like most species in that family the seeds are light and fluffy and can spread a long way when carried by the wind.

Free Spray Unit Hire

The Callignee/Traralgon South Landcare Group’s spray unit is available for anyone in the district to borrow for weed control purposes. It has a 400 litre tank and two spray hoses that have a reach of about 70m. Get in now and spray your Blackberry and other weeds this year, for more information about borrowing the spray unit or if you want advice on Blackberry and woody weed control, contact the Central Gippsland Woody Weeds Action Group (CGWWAG)

Spray unit available for use by local landholders, The two hoses both reach about 70m.
Spray unit available for use by local landholders, The two hoses both reach about 70m.

Spray Unit - Side  View
Spray Unit – Side View