Friends of Tarra Bulga National Park

The Friends of Tarra Bulga National Park are an active group who have been operating since the Park Visitor centre was opened in 1994. The group are involved in a number of activities in the Park these include.

  • Staffing the Visitors Centre on weekends and school holidays
  • Projects including weed control in the park and re-vegetation
  • Hosting guest speakers
  • Annual Lyrebird Count
  • Annual friends get together
  • Publicising the park
  • Monitoring Projects, including use of remote cameras and recording devices for wildlife and photo-monitoring surveys.
  • Documenting the history of the park.
  • Improving the park facilities including the visitors centre displays.
  • Guided walks.

People are encouraged to join the group and take part in whatever activities that meet their interest. For more information contact David Akers (Group President) on 0488 035 314 or email

You can learn more about the Friends of Tarra Bulga via the internet in a number of ways:

General Website:

Flora and Fauna Monitoring Blog:




Friends of Tarra Bulga group photo
Friends of Tarra Bulga Gathering

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