Traralgon South and District Wildflowers A to G

Shown in this post are some of the diverse and colourful wildflowers that can be seen in the forests around Traralgon South and Callignee. There are such a variety that we have broken them into 2 large posts. Most of these species grow in the Lowland Forest -Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) and one of the best places to see them is the Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve, although many are present on patches of remnant bush on peoples private properties. Protecting these areas from stock, Looking out for and controlling potential high threat weed invasions and avoiding other damage to these sites such as dumping of garden waste will help ensure that these areas continue to exist in a healthy state. (Please note that most of these photos have been taken in Super Macro mode with a digital camera and the flowers pictured will often appear larger than in reality).

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